Spiritual Leadership Book

Over a year ago I read Oswald Sander's book "Spiritual Leadership." It's a great book, describing what a spiritual leader does. It was my favorite book on the subject, but now I've found one even better. I'm reading Henry & Richard Blackaby's book "Spiritual Leadership." It describes not so much what a spiritual leader does as how a spiritual leader thinks. Here are three quotes: "Ultimately leadership is more about 'being' than about 'doing.' Leadership development is synonymous with personal development." [31] "The greatest area of concern for spiritual leaders is their hearts. When God sees people with righteous lives, he may exercise his prerogative to show himself strong in their lives in order to accomplish his divine will." [46] "God does not ask his followers to operate by vision. God's people live by revelation...Vision is something people produce; revelation is something people receive. Leaders can dream up a vision, but they cannot discover God's will. God must reveal it...It is critical for leaders to walk closely with the Father, so they are keenly aware of his revelation and are ready to respond in obedience to his initiative." [69-71]. Wow! I wonder how many pastors think like this.

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