A grilled pork restaurant

There's a particular style of restaurant that is very popular with Thais. It's called muu ga-thawt, which literally means grilled pork. The basic idea is that you grill your own meal at the table. This style originally only served pork, but now has beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, or whatever. A new one opened not far from our house--all you can eat for 99 baht ($3)!--so we went and tried it out. The kids loved being able to grill their own meat and boil their own cabbage and noodles.

When you first sit down, a guy brings a bowl of coals and puts it on your table:

101007 Grilled Pork

Then he puts the metal grill on top and pours water around the edge (for boiling):

101007 Grilled Pork

While that heats up, we go to the buffet, ignoring the flies, and select some meat. Then we grill it, using only chopsticks:

101007 Grilled Pork

Here's Jacen and Emmy happily grilling away:

101007 Grilled Pork


Through a number of different said...

Where is this restaurant? We need to find some new ones to try out.

James Garriss said...

On Middle Ring between Hang Dong Rd and Canal Rd. North side of the road, right next to Pankled Coffee. It's half car wash, half restaurant.