The Wisdom Path

The Wisdom Path is a walkway near the Big Buddha with tall, upright logs carved with the Heart Sutra. This is a Buddhist text that gives the perfect wisdom of the Buddha. In short, it "proves" that there is no God and advocates that people can be changed by changing their environment while not being attached to it. You can read more here. Though we obviously didn't agree with the theology, the Wisdom Path made for a nice walk through Lantau Island.

100511 The Wisdom Path

100511 The Wisdom Path

This concludes our vacation in Hong Kong! We now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast, life in Chiang Mai.


N&B&K said...

We appreciate the photo experience of your time in Hong Kong. We ourselves have been several times, but it's always need to get new perspective through the camera lens of the Garriss. The photos were great.

James Garriss said...

Glad you enjoyed it.