Eating in Hong Kong

Everything in Hong Kong was more expensive, including the food. Oddly enough, MacDonald's was among the cheaper (and easier to find meals). That means we ate at MacDonald's more often than we would have liked, though the kids didn't mind at all. :-) Still, we experimented where we could. Here are some of the pictures of the food we ate.

Dim Sun is a tradition in Hong Kong. It's essentially many small dishes, allowing you sample a variety of foods. Our dishes included turnip patties, stuffed peppers, and shrimp dumplings. Most of it was good, some of it was different.

100508 Dim Sum

Malls were everywhere in Hong Kong, and food courts were a clean, air-conditioned place to eat and try different food. Jacen ordered from a curry place and got this incredibly long piece of bread, which was used for dipping into the sauces:

100508 Incredibly Long Bread

I ordered from one place where they served raw meat. But it was in a skillet-like plate that was piping hot (no doubt some regulation would forbid this in America), so I literally cooked my own meal at the table, flavored by the sauces I chose:

100508 Self Cook

Over all: delicious!

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