My Dog is a Kleptomaniac

So we finally bought a dog last week, keeping a promise we made to Emmy a long time ago. She's a 4-month old Yorkie who alternates being full of energy and napping contentedly in someone's lap. She's also a kleptomaniac; she's got this odd habit of putting stuff in her cage. Like a squirrel who can't store enough nuts, she hides anything she can bite: squeaky toys, rawhide bones, Hot Wheels cars, her collar (when it's off her), her leash, a spare straw, whatever.

090903 Jezzy

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Andrea said...

My terrier does the same thing. Its so funny. It wasn't bad until we started remodeling and he started stealing screwdrivers, screws and other items that we hunted all over the house for wondering what we did with them...hehehe