Doctor's Office

Living in Thailand doesn't exempt us from needing a doctor, far from it. We've already been sick--Jacen had bronchitis and I had the flu. And we still needed more immunization shots, particularly for rabies and hepatitis. So based upon a friend's recommendation, we began going to the Kriengsak Clinic, the office of Dr. Kriengsak, a Thai doctor. As you can see, the clinic is not that big. It's perhaps 20 feet wide and has just enough space for a receptionist, 2 examination rooms, some waiting benches, and, of course, a salt-water fish tank (hello Dory and Nemo!).

Despite the humble office, the doctor is wonderful. He speaks excellent English (which makes things easy!) and seems to be very knowledgeable. He is also a bi-vocational pastor, and we've enjoyed getting to know him during our visits.

090605 Doctors Office

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