Doi Suthep

The wat itself has even more shrines and statues as well as places to light candles, offer prayers, and listen to the instruction of monks. It is centered around a giant pagoda where the relic of Buddha's bone is supposed to be housed. More about Doi Suthep can be found here.

090501 Doi Suthep

Personally, I found Doi Suthep to be a very sad place. Worship was being given and petitions were being made, but not to the Creator God.


Jasen said...

We had the same experience in Hong Kong. Big beautiful shrines to dead gods.

But there is something there that I think we've lost in Western or Protestant culture: the value of shrines & memorials.

In the Old Testament, people were always setting up shrines or altars to God when & where He did great things. Catholics - especially not in the USA - I think still do it to some extent. We, as Protestants, I think deride them for it. It seems we consider such things idols.

James Garriss said...

Somewhere there is a balance. On the one hand we want to remember what God has done, but on the other we don't want to claim these memorials are efficacious.