Book: Secrets of the Vine

I recently finished Bruce Wilkinson's "Secrets of the Vine." Normally I don't pop-Christianity books, but a friend gave me this book a while back, so I wanted to read it. I suppose I would say this book is ok; there's nothing really wrong with it, but I don't perceive it to be an amazingly helpful book, its popularity notwithstanding. I suppose if I knew a new believer who was beginning to be lulled into thinking that Christianity is a religion, that it is all about doing certain things to win favor with God, then I might recommend the book to him as a reminder that Christianity is a relationship, a relationship with Jesus. The secrets of the book are, of course, not secrets, as the author himself notes; rather, they are principles for living the Christian life. If I have an objection to the book, it would the sensationalistic writing style. From the back cover: "Do you want to experience the joy of making maximum impact for God?...You'll learn three surprising secrets that will open your eyes to your unrealized potential in Him." Not really my style. Like I said, the book is ok.

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