No iMac for me

I've decided it's time to switch back to using Macs.  I was a Mac user during and just after college.  I switched to PCs as Windows got more stable and because I could build my own computers, getting better parts for the money.  But it's time to go back.  Why?  Two main reasons:  Vista and multimedia.  First, I'm not doing Vista; everything I read says it's busted junk.  Second, we live a multimedia world.  We've got pictures, videos, DVDs, and so on; the Mac world does that better right now.

So I went to the Apple Store in Crabtree Mall to buy an iMac with the newest version of OS X, called Leopard.  Wow, the sales guy was pushy.  Gotta get the warranty, gotta got .mac, gotta get training.  I resisted it all, and the look on his face implied I was a moron.  I wish they wouldn't train people to be like that. 

After I bought it, I asked him to help me fire it, just to make sure I didn't get a lemon.  As we were unpacking, the sales guy casually pointed out my Leopard upgrade disc.  They hadn't sold me an iMac with Leopard, they had sold me an iMac with Tiger (previous version of OS X) and an upgrade disc.  Obviously that didn't work for me; if I'm buying Leopard, I should get an original Leopard disc.  Upgrading operating systems is always a pain.  But they couldn't (or wouldn't).  It appears that they had old inventory to get rid of, so I was out of luck.  Well, I promptly returned the iMac and got a refund.

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