Greek for Homeschoolers

Last fall I started teaching Greek to my son, Jacen.  I've been using Dr. Black's book, Learn to Read New Testament Greek, but in the last few weeks I've grown frustrated with it.  The book is written for seminary students, not 3rd graders.  It moves too quickly, and doesn't have enough homework and review.  I've had to re-write the lessons so Jacen can understand them, and I've had to add extra homework, not to mention my own quizzes and tests.  I'm practically writing my own Greek book, something I don't really have the time or skill to do. 

So Ann began looking around on the internet to see if she could find any help.  Turns out I'm not the first homeschooling parent with a seminary background who's trying to teach Greek to their kids.  We've found two sets of curriculum for this purpose that might work.  The Elementary Greek: Koine for Beginners series by Christine Gatchell looks to have the best textbook, while the Hey Andrew! workbooks by Karen Moh seem to have the best workbooks (more translating).  We're going to buy some of each and try them out.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep teaching Jacen without having to spend time writing my own material.

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