Ethics and the Bible

Imagine this scenario -- a pastor is sitting in his office when a church member knocks on the door and says, "Hey, Pastor, does the Bible say anything about ___ ?" In that blank spot you could put any number of ethical issues that face our nation today: abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, war, cloning, premarital sex, pornography, or homosexuality. What does he say? He knows the Bible speaks to all these issues and then some, but remembering all this might be a challenge.

This scenario was the motivation behind an assignment I had last semester in my Christian Ethics class. For each of these issues we had to list several pertinent Bible passages, as well as some quotes from church fathers, theologians, and ethicists. Being the geek that I still am, I did mine in Powerpoint. I've posted it in my point papers section, so you can download this resource and use it at your convenience. Feel free to modify any way you want.

Point Papers
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