At our church when a child turns five years old they join their parents in the worship service. So as Jacen's now five, he's in there with us every Sunday morning. We're trying to teach him to sing the praise and worship songs with us, but that's been going slow. But the last couple weeks, his reading really improved, even to the point where he can read the words on the overhead as we sing them. Now he can read and sing with us.

So on Sunday Jacen's singing along, and like any five-year-old boy he's singing heartily. He's not on key, he sings too fast, and he has no rhythm. But as the three of us were singing together, it occurred to me that this is what worship is -- it's a family coming together to praise God. As bad as it must have sounded to the people in front of us, I bet God was pleased.

Liberty Baptist Church

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