We live in a  rent house, and the yard is, well, a bit boring.  So to liven things up, I planted some wildflowers in front and back.  The very first of the flowers are starting to bloom.  Anyone know what these little guys are?

120420 Flowers

TKD Tournament

For the second part of the tournament, Jacen had to spar against an opponent.  He drew a boy who was older but shorter though faster.  The other boy scored 3 points quickly with rapid kicks to the chest, but then Jacen took advantage of his reach and connected twice to the head, worth 2 point each.  When time expired, Jacen was up 4 to 3 and won the match.




Here's a recent portrait I took of Emilee:


TKD Tournament

Jacen participated in his first TKD tournament last weekend.  In his first event, he worked the forms for the green belt.  He took first place in his division.



Smacked by probability

I'm taking Dan Boneh's online course on Cryptography, and today I got smacked down by his crash course review of discrete probability.  Painful what I can't remember.


There are few things in life that I hate more than working with source control systems.


Here's a shot I took of Emilee tonight:


And Jezzy gets the bone

When Ann and I went out for our anniversary date, we got an amazing steak at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. And we brought the bone home for our dog, who enthusiastically licked it clean.


Green Belt Testing (part 3)

Just in case you were still wondering, I'm happy to report that Jacen did indeed earn his green belt in Tae Kwon Do:




As you many remember, the kids got a trampoline for Christmas.  Yeah, you should expect to see a lot of trampoline pictures this year.  Anyhow.  Emmy's trying to learn how to do a front flip.  She's most of the way there.  Here's a couple pics of her trying:



Green Belt Testing (part 2)

A good deal of his testing was sparring against another student.  They both suited up with padding on their head, chest, hands, and feet, and then went to town attacking each other.


Jacen also had to break a board with his foot.


Green Belt Testing

Jacen began taking Tae Kwon Do lessons at our church over a year ago, and he's faithfully working on it.  In January he tested for his green belt, his 5th belt.  The first part of the testing is demonstrating his knowledge of various forms and techniques, series of punches, kicks, and blocks.  Some of these forms are done individually; others are done with another person.

120106 Green Belt Test

120106 Green Belt Test

120106 Green Belt Test

Anniversary Dinner

We have been married for nearly 19 years, so last night Ann and I went out to dinner to celebrate.  We ate at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Durham and had an amazing porterhouse prime rib steak, the best we've ever eaten.  (And at that price, it had better be the best!)




I'm proud of my son, Jacen, he's created up his own web site using WordPress on a local copy of MAMP.  Next week he'll load to our web host so you can see it.